AYLI Podcast #92 – Patrick Wilson

INTERVIEW BY CHRIS ZALDUA. Oakland-based DJ Patrick Wilson isn’t new to the game. In fact, he’s been DJing longer than some of us have been alive — he’s been at

AYLI Podcast #91 – Brown Amy

It’s late afternoon on a San Francisco summer day. It’s sunny, maybe — maybe. You’re in the south end of the Mission, right by where Mission St. intersects with Valencia

AYLI Podcast #88 – Jordan Poling

Not all house music commands you to jack your body. Some house music — cool, crystalline house music with delicate beats and melodies like a winter breeze — sets the

AYLI Podcast #87 – Ivan Ruiz

House music is in the Bay Area’s blood. Lots of different kinds of electronic music have come out of the Bay, and many scenes and micro-scenes have made their mark

AYLI Podcast #86 – DJ Ra-Soul

If you’ve been digging house music in the Bay Area for the past five years, you might not know DJ Ra-Soul. But if you’ve been digging house music in the