AYLI Podcast #79 – Tony Humphries

INTERVIEW BY CHRIS ZALDUA. The precise origins of house music are apocryphal, slightly fuzzy, stories changing depending on who you ask (and who’s asking). But the major players, the innovators,

AYLI Podcast #78 – Nina Sol

INTERVIEW: Chris Zaldua. Deep and deeper still goes Oakland DJ Nina Sol‘s new mix for As You Like It’s podcast series. Originally from the East Coast but a Bay Area

AYLI Podcast #77 – Max Gardner

Interview by Chris Zaldua. Bay Area techno heads know Direct To Earth. For seven years running (their anniversary bash lands this October — more on that below), the crew and

AYLI Podcast #74 – Indy Nyles

Indy Nyles goes deep. The Oakland-based artist has held a steady presence on Bay Area dancefloors and club stages, frequently performing his steadily evolving live set, rooted in acid techno,