There’s little doubt that you’ve heard of Patrick Cowley by now. If you’ve been paying attention the last seven years, you’ve undoubtedly heard his music played in podcasts and on countless dance-floors. You’ve heard Patrick’s story. He was an electronic dance music pioneer who worked with Sylvester and influenced the now legendary gay parties Menergy at The Endup. Cowley crafted ahead of its time gay porn muzak that’s now receiving critical acclaim. He had success and acclaim in the moment with a series of hits, but tragically died at just 32-years-old in 1982 from AIDS. 

Cowley’s story would have been lost to only the deepest heads and those who lived the period if not for the reintroduction by Josh Cheon and Dark Entries. Josh’s deep knowledge and respect for long-lost geniuses have led to countless rereleases of out of print underground electronic and post-punk from the 70s, 80s, and 90s alongside contemporaries who find their influences in these sounds. Resident Advisor’s label of the month feature is a must read for those looking for a deep-dive into the ethos and story behind Dark Entries.

The niche Cheon’s created has led to an active touring DJ career and over 200 releases by Dark Entries. His contributions to the Bay Area community has been a beacon of inspiration for local labels, producers, DJs and dancers. Simply put, there would be no As You Like It Recordings without Josh’s vision and energy. Take a moment and dig into his “The Bank Mixtape” and Interview for a peak into what inspired him. Quality.

AYLI: Tell us about who you are as a DJ. What kind of music do you play and what was your inspiration behind the mix?

JC: This mix was made based off a mixtape my best friend Megan made me for high school graduation. It’s kind of a gift to her using the same songs she chose for me, but mixed together as if we were out dancing again at our favorite club, the Bank, in New York City.

AYLI: What local projects (events, crews, labels, and beyond) are you involved with?

I’ve been running Dark Entries Records since 2009. Almost at our 300th release and it’s surreal.

AYLI: What makes your local community special?

JC: San Francisco is the least cut throat city, and feels like a big town where everyone knows and supports each other.

AYLI: With the Covid-19 virus impacting society, an activated socialc justice movement, and the economy in tatters, there’s so much uncertainty in the air. What do you hope to see happen going forward?

JC: Hopefully our government will step in and support small businesses and music venues. I see a lot of special places closing and I hope no more do.

AYLI: Would you mind sharing the tracklist for your mix?

Depeche Mode – Fly On The Windscreen (Repellent Mix)

B! Machine – Temple

Beborn Beton – Earth

B! Machine – Foreign

Depeche Mode – My Secret Garden

New Order – True Faith (Remix)

Red Flag – Russian Radio

Wolfsheim – The Sparrows And The Nightingales

Neuroactive – Visualise

Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy’s Song (Come Lie Next To Me)

The Cure – World In My Eyes

Depeche Mode – Sea of Sin (Sensoria Tonal Mix)

De/Vision – Try to Forget

Covenant – Tour de force [Club Version]

Apoptygma Berzerk – Starsign

The Cure – The Hanging Garden

Mesh – Scares Me (Mesh Remix)

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