Patrick Lotilla aka DJ Patrick understands that making bodies move isn’t all physics. Sometimes, it takes a bit of poetry. Based out of Oakland, DJ Patrick has been stringing together stories by way of his dj sets. It’s a style he picked up DJ’ing on KALX 90.7FM, a humble 50 year+ college radio station serving the diverse Berkeley community. KALX developed an eclecticism that’s become a signature to DJ Patrick’s sound, so while he’s no longer piecing together Gamelan, Jungle, and Jazz, he keeps things interesting on the dance floor with his wide taste in dance music. These days, DJ Patrick can be heard peddling a sound that’s warm and inviting. It’s a sound he grew into during his time with BROUHAHA, a dj collective he co-founded back in 2013 and gave him the opportunity to share the stage with Todd Edwards, Awesome Tapes from Africa, and DJ Fett Burger to name a few. Such acts inspired DJ Patrick to go searching for music energized with humor and vitality, a je ne sais quoi with a four-on-the-floor beat. So, whether it’s Zanzibar-inspired House or City Pop, Krautrock edits or Sheffield Bleep, all are likely to find it’s way into the stanzas of a DJ Patrick set.

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