Persephone is musically influenced by what it feels like to be human. They use music as creative healing and to connect to their lived reality. They wish to induce hypnosis, intending to connect with others through the palpable experience of movement and music. They enjoy strange and sinister sounds and consider themself an eternal student of music, drawing from experimental styles of techno, electro, EBM, acid, industrial, wave, noise and more. Persephone has been involved in events such as False Prophet, Currents FM Multiverse, Fault Radio, Circuit Breaker, Gays Hate Techno and Freeform Radio.

AYLI: What local projects (events, crews, labels, and beyond) are you involved with?
I currently produce the radio show Lucid Dream on and I’m one half of Extreme Gurls.

AYLI: What makes our local community special?
The DJs, promoters, producers, and dancers who understand that music is a powerful means of communication and creating reality and utilize this power to draw people together and create solidarity.

AYLI: With nightlife being dormant for much of the past two years and a burgeoning social justice movement, there’s a sense of hopeful uncertainty in the air. What do you hope to see happen going forward?
My hope is to see more Black women and queers leading in the music industry. For us collectively to return to the roots of dance music which is community liberation. To let go of the dominant ideals of white supremacy that keep all of us imprisoned, within this community and in our daily lives. 

AYLI: What’s the inspiration behind the mix? Would you mind sharing the tracklist for your mix?
I’m currently in the midst of deep transformation, unearthing and uncovering. The pandemic has revealed some ugly truths for all of us. One of the most powerful things about DJing, for me personally, is that it can form what I’m feeling in a certain moment into a tangible experience. This mix is about shedding layers, releasing the weight of other people’s opinions, and trusting my intuition. 


Full Belly-Cera Khin
Wie Viel Haut(Randomer Remix)-Schwefelgelb
The World Outside is Now Available-Krl Mx
Shaddai-Insutry 43
Elastic Lapse-KOR
Anxiety Disorder-SYRSENA
The Last Morning-Capon
Alternative Architecture-Balagan
Acid H3ro3s-VXPX
Body Count(Exil der Schatten Remix)-Analect, Exil der Schatten, EKKA
Your Night is Mine-MIDNIGHT MENACE
Stereo Saved Us-Blame the Mono

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