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As You Like It celebrates 12 years of parties, late nights, quality music and community. We’re kicking off our 13th year with the relaunch of As You Like It Recordings with a benefit release for the National Federation of Abortion Funds, debut release on the OAK branch of the label. OAK​ is a tribute to Johnny Igaz, an AYLI DJ and social justice warrior lost in the Ghost Ship Fire, who was an inspiration for the label’s creation. AYLI will donate its half of the proceeds to social justice organizations that will be determined and announced before each OAK release.

In 2020, we debuted our long-awaited label, As You Like It Recordings, which promises to nurture and advance the Bay Area’s historic legacy, by promoting burgeoning talent while sharing that deep family feeling with the world. Inaugural release “Ascent / Descent,” a fresh take on a classic acid sound, by San Francisco’s Christina Chatfield, encapsulates this drive with remixes from TIN MAN, Noncompliant, Lily Ackerman, and Tape Ghost.

We will have Chatfield’s vinyl record, pre-orders of the OAK release and merchandise available for purchase at El Rio.

In addition, we will be donating $5 from every ticket purchased to National Federation of Abortion Funds.
Please reach out to us at info at if you’re unable to attend for any financial reason.

Musclecars (Coloring Lessons – NYC)

Nina Sol (Elements – NYC)

Madre Guía

Woo (As You Like It/Werd – SF)

As You Like It (AYLI) is a multimedia culture creator that is the result of a shared taste for quality electronic music, late-night experiences, and creative expression, rooted in the underground and branching out to new heights.

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